Chef'n Stainless-Steel Pepper Corer

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  • Whether you're an experienced cook or a kitchen beginner, you'll love the speed and precision of this brilliantly designed coring tool. Just insert the pointed stainless-steel blade into a bell pepper or large chile pepper, then pull it back up to remove the core and seeds with one quick, easy motion.

    • The fastest, easiest way to remove the core and seeds from fresh bell peppers and chiles.
    • Super-sharp stainless-steel blade extracts the interior of a pepper all at once, leaving only the clean, beautiful shell.
    • Use this handy tool to prep peppers for cooking, stuffing or making colorful natural serving bowls for salads and grains.
    • Soft, ergonomically shaped silicone-rimmed tool is comfortable to hold, so it's easy to core lots of peppers at a time.
    • Dishwasher safe.
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