Spanish Cheese Collection

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  • Conjure a bit of Spain at home with this wonderful collection of two sheep’s milk cheeses and one goat’s milk cheese, all aged to peak ripeness. Hand picked for us by the European cheese specialists at Fresca Italia, our selection includes:

    Farmstead Manchego: Made with the raw milk of La Mancha sheep—as Spanish law dictates for Manchego— this cheese is aged for six months and has a wonderfully flaky texture and a buttery, nutty aroma; its taste is of olives, hazelnuts and herbs.

    Odre: A bloomy rind sheep’s milk cheese reminiscent of Camembert; it has a mild, buttery aroma, a semisoft texture and a sweet, milky flavor.

    Nevat: Like Odre, Josep Cuixart, a famous Spanish cheesemaker, makes this selection in small batches. Made from goat's milk, it has a bloomy rind, a slightly crumbly texture and a bright, pleasantly tart flavor profile.

    • Collection includes: 8 oz. Farmstead Manchego, 10.6 oz. Odre and 7.5 oz. Nevat.
    • Shipped chilled.
    • Made in Spain.