Sowden Softbrew Pour-Over Coffee Maker

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  • Down-to-earth simplicity meets high-tech in this intuitive coffee brewing system invented by George Sowden, a pioneering English design pioneer and cofounder of The Memphis Group in Milan. SoftBrew is based on a classic technique called cupping—the simple infusion method used by professional tasters to evaluate the world’s finest coffees. The system combines a porcelain pot with a state-of-the-art filter that blocks all grounds larger than 150 microns. Coffee and hot water steep in the pot, releasing the coffee's nuanced complexity of unique flavors and aromas.

    • Exceptionally simple way to brew a superior cup of coffee exactly the way you like it—and savor the purest flavors and aromas of freshly roasted coffee beans.
    • The Softbrew method couldn't be simpler: just place the filter in the porcelain pot, put ground coffee into the filter, pour over hot water, stir and steep for about four minutes.
    • Designed for optimal extraction of flavor and aroma, the filter's 160,000 microscopic holes make it fine enough to block all grounds larger than 150 microns—twice as fine as other coffee filters on the market.
    • Oversized, micro-etched stainless-steel filter creates a desirable ‘bloom’ as the ground beans release their distinctive fragrances and flavors.
    • Use any type of grind you like—fine, medium or coarse; the filter only allows passage of the finest grounds (known as "fines"), ensuring the richest, most full-bodied coffee.
    • Porcelain pot retains heat so coffee stays hot longer, while its hollow handle stays cool to the touch.
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