San Francisco Sourdough Starter Kit

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  • Make your own authentic San Francisco-style sourdough bread with our starter kit. We’ve captured the particular mix of wild yeasts and beneficial lactobacillus bacteria (L. sanfranciscensis) that has made the city’s bread so famous. Follow the instructions to activate the starter by periodically adding flour and water, and the natural yeasts and bacteria will get to work on the slow fermentation process that adds the distinctive sour tang and chewy crust prized in sourdough loaves. Use the included covered stoneware crock to keep a portion of the starter refrigerated for your next batch of bread.

    • Our kit includes retro-style stoneware crock, packet of sourdough starter, recipe for Classic San Francisco Sourdough Bread and detailed instructions.
    • Starter can be propagated and stored in refrigerator for future batches of bread.
    • Handmade glazed ceramic crock keeps your starter fresh in the refrigerator, ready for the next batch.
    • Maintained in proper conditions, your starter will last indefinitely.
    • Assembled in USA.