SodaStream MyWater

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  • Use these all-natural flavor essences with any of our SodaStream home soda makers to create your own unsweetened, lightly flavored seltzers and sparkling waters. Adjust the intensity of the flavor by adding more or less flavoring

    • Unsweetened, all-natural flavor essences for preparing lightly flavored seltzer or sparkling water using our SodaStream soda makers.
    • Flavors include Orange, Berry, Lemon-Lime, Mint or Variety Pack.
    • Available in a set of three of the same flavor or in a variety pack that includes one each of lemon-lime, berry and orange.
    • Flavor intensity is entirely your choice: add more essence for more pronounced flavor.
    • Each 40ml bottle will make approx. 20 liters of flavored seltzer.
    • An eco-friendly choice for making homemade flavored seltzers and waters, thereby reducing the environmental impact of bottled or canned sparkling water.
    • Eliminates the hassle of purchasing transporting and disposing of flavored sparkling water from store.
    • Made in Israel.
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