Smokehouse Rub

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  • Inspired by the rustic traditions of a deep-woods smokehouse, our savory-sweet rub adds enticing flavor to your favorite grilled or roasted meats. We start with all-natural Mediterranean sea salt that’s been slow-smoked over Pacific Northwest apple wood, balancing the blend with aromatic herbs and touch of sugar.

    • A blend of apple wood-smoked sea salt and imported thyme and sage, plus a touch of sugar for just the right amount of delicate sweetness.
    • The savory-sweet rub gives grilled or roasted ribs, steaks, roasts and poultry a rich, smoky tang with an enticing wood-smoked aroma.
    • Preparation is quick and easy – just rub the aromatic mixture onto foods up to 12 hours before cooking.
    • 3 oz.
    • Made in USA.
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