Smoked Olive Oil

  • $26.95
    • Exclusive
  • A Napa Valley couple creates this award-winning olive oil, using their own innovative process to infuse the extra-virgin oil with wood-smoked flavor without exposing it to light or heat. To enjoy its bold, distinctive taste, drizzle the oil over everything from steaks and chops to grilled vegetables and fresh crusty bread.

    • An aromatic extra-virgin olive oil, infused with natural wood-smoke flavor.
    • The exclusive, patent-pending process does not expose the oil to light or heat, thereby preserving the oil’s freshness and shelf life.
    • The extra-virgin oil is taken from the first pressing, which provides the purest olive flavor and aroma.
    • Partners well with everything from meats and poultry to vegetables and fresh bread.
    • 6.7 oz.
    • Made in California’s Napa Valley by The Smoked Olive.