Shun Pro Usuba Knife, 6.5"

Shun Pro Usuba Knife

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  • Staying true to its Asian origins, the Shun Pro collection features the classic single-bevel blades and styling that define traditional Japanese cutlery. Designed primarily for the preparation of vegetables, the usuba is thin and light for quick chopping with less fatigue.

    • The nearly straight edge of the usuba makes effortless contact with a cutting board for precision cutting.
    • The traditional single-bevel, scalpel-like edge is the favored style for preparing Asian cuisine, including sushi and sashimi.
    • The mirror-polished, ultra sharp cutting edge ensures the blade glides through delicate foods without bruising or tearing to retain maximum flavor.
    • Graffiti etching on the blade’s sides give this collection an elegant, contemporary look.
    • The blade is constructed of high-carbon VG-10 “super steel” designed for maximum strength and edge retention.
    • Premium D-shaped PakkaWood handles nestle comfortably into the curves of the palm, offering control and a secure grip.
    • An extra-wide “shinogi,” or blade bevel, makes sharpening with whetstone nearly effortless.
    • Shun knives reflect the craftsmanship of a centuries-old tradition of Japanese knifemaking, with an eye towards the latest innovations in cutlery design.
    • Handcrafted in Japan.