Williams-Sonoma Sausage Seasoning

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  • Artisan butchers rely on savory seasonings to add distinctive flavors to their signature sausages. With our exclusive spice blends, it's easy to craft homemade sausages with authentic international flavors. Combine them with your favorite meats - from pork and beef to chicken and turkey.

    • Custom-blended seasonings make it easy to create your favorite sausages at home.
    • Best for patties or incorporating in case sausage recipes.
    • Simple to prepare: Use 2 tbsp. per 1 lb. ground meat.
    • Chorizo Seasoning: A spicy, Latin-style sausage spiced with garlic, cumin, New Mexico chile powder and fragrant oregano; 2.3 oz.
    • Italian Sausage Seasoning: A savory, mildly hot garlic-fennel sausage enlivened with aromatic thyme and oregano; 2.0 oz.
    • Breakfast Sausage Seasoning: A mild, sweet sausage sweetened with pure maple sugar and delicately seasoned with thyme; 2.3 oz.
    • Chicken-Apple Sausage Seasoning: A rich, fruity sausage made with dark brown sugar, sage, garlic and tender chunks of real apple; 1.7 oz.
    • Made in USA.
    • A Williams-Sonoma exclusive.
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