Sassafras Superstone™ La Cloche Round Bread Cloche

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  • Replicating the benefits of baking in a brick oven, the ceramic bread cloche turns out individual loaves with tender, moist interiors and crispy, evenly golden crusts. The unglazed clay absorbs heat to ensure even baking on all sides, while the porous surface absorbs moisture to give the crust a crispy bite. Use the cloche to both proof and bake your loaf—ridges inside the bell produce proofing lines in the crust for a classic bakery-style finish.

    • Traditional unglazed stoneware cloche is made of thick, durable Superstone ceramic.
    • Designed for proofing and baking in one vessel.
    • Turns out round loaves up to 2 lb. with moist interiors and golden crust.
    • Can also be used to roast meats, fish and vegetables.
    • Recipe and instruction booklet included.
    • 12 1/4" diam., 7 1/4" high with lid.
    • Made in China.
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