Sabatier Wood-Handle Knife Set

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  • $349.95
  • Legendary for their precise blades and impeccable craftsmanship, true Sabatier knives are considered to be those made by a select group of French manufacturers whose origins date back to the 19th century. Our Sabatier knives have been made by family-owned Therias et l’Econome in Thiers, France since 1819. Their blades exhibit world-class strength, durability and edge retention.

    • Fully forged for superior durability and balance.
    • The Sabatier knife’s signature narrow, pointed blade-shape encourages precision and control.
    • Z50C13 stainless-steel blade is strong yet flexible and holds a razor-sharp edge.
    • Every detail is superbly crafted, from the triple brass rivets to the beautiful and durable resin-infused handles made of bonded oak wood.
    • Blade, bolster and tang are all made from a single piece of steel for greater strength and control.
    • Rounded bolsters contribute to a great hand feel and facilitate a variety of cutting grips.
    • Full-tang construction provides optimum balance and a rock-solid feel.
    • Based in Thiers, France, Therias et l’Econome has been making knives for more than 190 years.
    • Six-slot storage block is crafted of beech wood with Sapele wood accents.

    Set includes:

    • 4" paring knife.
    • 6" slicing knife.
    • 8" bread knife.
    • 8" chef’s knife.
    • 8" carving knife.
    • Honing steel.
    • 6-slot storage block.