Riedel Swan Wine Decanter

Riedel Swan Decanter

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No longer available
  • Designed by Maximilian and Georg Riedel, the Swan decanter was inspired by a father-son trip to Venice and captures the highest level of artistry in glassblowing. The elegantly tall, curved and tapered glass form is hand blown. As with all handcrafted pieces, each decanter is unique.

    • Lead-crystal decanter is hand blown by artisans at a Riedel's family-owned glassworks in Austria, founded over 250 years ago.
    • Generous curves enhance the aeration of wine during decanting and pouring.
    • Pour wine into the wider opening for decanting, then pour into the glass from the narrow neck.
    • Aerates red and white wines and aids in removing sediments from older wines.
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