Riedel "O" Cabernet Wine Tumblers, Pay 3-Get 4 Set

Sugg. Price $49.90 Our Price $37.95
  • Our special value set gives you four of Riedel's innovative wine tumblers for the price of three! Ideal for everyday use and casual parties, the stemless glassware follows the varietal-specific designs of the company's award-winning Vinum collection. These Cabernet tumblers are designed to enhance your enjoyment of complex red wines, including Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Bordeaux.

    • Machine-made of brilliantly clear glass.
    • Customized bowls are expertly proportioned and shaped to highlight the wine's distinctive bouquet.
    • The rim of each tumbler is specifically designed to direct the flow of wine over the palate so that key flavors are emphasized.
    • Made in Germany by Riedel, a family-owned company famous for exquisite glassware since 1756.
    • Set of four.
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