Riedel Black Tie Decanter

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No longer available
  • From Riedel of Austria, this sophisticated lead-crystal decanter is both an exquisite example of glassblower’s art glass art and a functional way to bring out their full flavor and bouquet of wine through aeration. The sensuous loop of glass is free blown: the glassblower forms the shape by the sweep of an arm, without using a mold. Only the most talented glass artisans can sculpt glass using this technique, and each decanter is one of a kind.

    • Lead-crystal decanter is free blown by hand at a Riedel's family-owned glassworks in Austria, founded over 250 years ago.
    • A thin line of black crystal accentuates the looped silhouette.
    • Generous curves enhance the aeration of wine during decanting and pouring.
    • Aerates red and white wines and removes sediments from older wines.
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