Red Bee Honey Party Tasting kit

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  • Red Bee’s artisan honey-maker, Marina Marchese, looks to the origin of the nectar harvested by her bees to craft subtle differences in flavor and color. The terroir of the blossoms — geographic location, climate, and soil — lend each honey a unique flavor profile. This collection of 4 hand-harvested honeys highlights these unique variations. Jars are packaged in an attractive gift box ready for giving.

    The collection of 4 honeys includes:

    • Wildflower Honey (Rich notes of caramel and maple).
    • Clover Honey (Spicy notes of grass).
    • Buckwheat Honey (Deep, malty and chocolate flavors).
    • Alfalfa Honey (Pleasant notes of dry hay and cinnamon).

    • Harvested and bottled by hand.
    • Attractively packaged for gift giving.
    • Store at room temperature away from direct light or heat.
    • Four 3.5 oz. jars.
    • Made in the USA.
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