Polyscience Sous Vide Professional Creative Series

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  • Sous vide is a technique that slowly cooks vacuum-sealed foods in a water bath, bringing them to temperature gently to prevent overcooking and create incomparable texture. Our immersion circulator offers the same precise temperature control as the professional models used by restaurants, but does so with a quieter motor.

    • Easy-to-use thermal circulator designed for home use.
    • Simply set the circulator to the desired temperature and clamp it to a stockpot or plastic container filled with water.
    • Powerful yet quiet pump actively circulates the heated water and ensures uniform cooking temperatures.
    • Adjusts from 59°F to 210°F with the push of a button – and can be set to 1/10th of a degree.
    • Large LCD screen displays actual and desired temperatures (in Fahrenheit or Celsius), so you can monitor progress at a glance.