Warm Chocolate Pots, Set of 6

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  • Treat your dinner party guests to a dessert of pure chocolate extravagance. From famed Platine Bakery in Los Angeles, these individual desserts are rich with intense chocolate flavor and luscious layers of texture—much like a cross between a molten chocolate cake and chocolate pudding but even better than both. After baking in your oven, each pot emerges with a crown of tender chocolate cake on top that gives way to warm, gooey, creamy-smooth chocolate underneath. Platine's owner and chef Jamie Cantor got the recipe from her mother and has been making it for friends since she was a teenager. She uses only the best ingredients, including Callebaut dark chocolate, and prepares it in small batches. Each serving arrives in a reusable glass jar. Perfect for storing in the freezer until needed for a quick, easy and elegant finale to a dinner party.

    • Set of six 4-oz. jars (24 oz. total).
    • Shipped frozen.
    • Made in USA.
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