Organics Rx® Plant Food, Kelp

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  • This all-purpose organic plant food encourages strong root growth so plants are able to take in more nutrients and water, increasing fruit and vegetable yields up to 40 percent. Liquid fertilizer acts faster than dry plant foods so plants will benefit shortly after application. Odorless kelp-based plant food is completely organic and contains no animal by-products.

    • Promotes strong roots for maximum nutrient and water intake.
    • Odorless, 100% organic, kelp-derived formula contains no animal by-products.
    • Liquid form delivers nutrients to plants quickly.
    • Regular use may increase fruit and vegetable yields by up to 40 percent.
    • May be used with Organix RX® Tomato or Organix RX® Veggie Food for higher fruit production.
    • Safe for use around pets.
    • 15 oz.
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