Olli Salumeria Salame Collection

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  • Great for everything from antipasto platters to pizza toppings, these all-natural, nitrate-free salame are crafted by a fourth-generation salumiere who relies on heirloom recipes and classic Italian techniques. For the bestquality, he uses only heritage Berkshire pork, pasture-raised on small, sustainable family farms. He gently slow cures the salame to preserve the meat’s flavor and texture. The results are prized by chefs around the world.

    Norcino: A mild and delicate salame, simply seasoned with Sangiovese wine, salt and white pepper.

    Napoli: Enriched with Sangiovese wine and a hint of fennel, then smoked over natural applewood.

    Molisana: Expertly seasoned with cracked black peppercorns and garlic.

    Calabrese: Showcases the robust flavors of Sangiovese wine, paprika and spicy cayenne pepper.

    Chorizo: Spanish pimento de la vera (smoked sweet paprika) gives this salame its distinctive smoky character.

    Toscano: Seasoned with the pollen of wild fennel, a signature ingredient of regional Tuscan cuisine.

    Pepperoni: Classic salame with a well-rounded flavor and a spicy kick from paprika—delicious slice on pizza or served as an appetizer.

    • Set of four 6-oz. salame, all of one flavor (24 oz. total).
    • Assorted set of four includes one each of Norcino, Napoli, Molisana and Calabrese salame (24 oz. total).
    • Nitrate free.
    • Made in USA.