Olive Tree in Terra-Cotta Pot

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  • Our potted tree is a  2-1/2 year old Arbequina olive, a hardy variety grown in the sunny orchards of California and Spain’s Catalonia region. Arbequina olives are highly aromatic and have a delicate buttery flavor with piquant notes. Before eating, the small brown raw olives should be cured in brine for best flavor. Use in pasta dishes, antipasti platters and breads.

    • Zones 10–11.
    • Easy-to-grow tree can produce fruit for centuries if properly pruned.
    • Suitable for container or ground planting.
    • Tree grows 3' high in pot; 35' high, 15' wide in ground.
    • Requires full sun.
    • Flowers in spring and bears fruit in autumn.
    • Fruits from October to February.
    • Yields approx. 30–100 lb. of olives at maturity (15 years).
    • Requires a cross-pollinator nearby to bear fruit.
    • Approx. 2 1/2 years old, 18 1/2" high at shipping; arrives in a 6" diam. terra-cotta pot.
    • Grown in Salinas, CA.