Fermentation Pot, Olive

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No longer available
  • Cure your own olives, make naturally ferment sauerkraut and pickle cucumbers from your garden or farmers’ market with this traditional ceramic pot. The process is as simple as placing your fresh ingredients in the crock with salt. Time and fermentation do the rest, aided by the pot's heavy lid, which rests in a water-filled collar to create an airtight seal.

    • Handcrafted in Poland from dense, glazed stoneware for excellent temperature stability, which significantly improves the flavor of the finished food.
    • Just add vegetables and salt or brine, top with weights (not included) and cover with lid to start the fermentation process.
    • As fermentation begins, naturally occurring carbon dioxide drives the air out of the pot, creating an oxygen-free environment inside.
    • Ideal for curing olives, making kimchi and pickled cucumbers, and for fermenting sauerkraut.
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