No-Burn BBQ Saucepot

  • $29.95
  • Designed especially for the grill, our cast-iron pot has a platform base that keeps it well above the flame, so sauces heat gently without burning. We've also included a signature basting brush with a mop-style cotton head – considered by pit masters to be the best for applying barbecue sauces because it holds a generous amount of sauce.

    • Specialized saucepot has an elevated platform base to keep barbecue sauces from burning.
    • Cast iron heats up gently and evenly and retains heat the pot is off the grill.
    • Eliminates the outdoor chef’s quandary of where to set the basting brush—there's a customized resting place for the brush built right into the pot's handle.
    • Includes a basting brush with a stay-cool silicone handle and a removable mop-style cotton head.
    • The handles of both the saucepot and basting brush have loops for hanging.