Monogrammed Steak Brand & Carving Board

  • Backyard chefs who take pride in their grilling can sear their own initials into steaks and chops with an iron brand that’s hand forged by a Texas cattle rancher. Made in the USA, our custom set lets you put a signature on every grilled meal.

    • Set includes a customized brand and a personalized John McLeod carving board.
    • Hand-forged iron brand is an authentic miniature version of the cattle brands used for centuries to identify livestock and designate ranch families.
    • Made of sustainably harvested New England birch, the board has a well to catch meat juices.
    • Includes a wall-mounting storage rack for the brand.
    • Choose single, double or triple initials.  All letters will be of equal height and weight.
    • A Williams-Sonoma exclusive.
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