Gronomics Modular Elevated Garden Wedge

  • This raised planter provides a range of soil depths that allow you to grow everything from tomatoes to thyme. Plant deeper-rooted plants along the center of the bed and grow shallow-rooted herbs along the edges to create a living mulch that will minimize water evaporation and maintain temperature levels. Add an extension to create longer beds.

    • V-shaped bed provides range of soil depths.
    • Elevated design minimizes discomfort of bending down, is wheelchair accessible and helps prevent damage by pests and pets.
    • Constructed of unfinished Western Red Cedar that is naturally rot- and insect-resistant and will develop a gray patina with age.
    • Two drainage slots prevent waterlogged soil.
    • Includes filter fabric to keep soil in while allowing water to drain.
    • Simple tool-free assembly required.
    • Optional extension kit (sold separately) includes three sides and attaches to end of existing bed to elongate it.
    • Handcrafted in USA.
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