Miele Active HEPA Filter H10

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  • Ensure the most thorough results from Miele's universal upright vacuum cleaners with this efficient, German-made HEPA filter. Designed to help purify the air you breathe, the sealed system captures and retains seasonal and dust allergens, and lung-damaging particles as small as .03 micron. HEPA-equipped vacuums throw less dirt and fewer microscopic dust mites back into the room as you vacuum to help reduce allergy symptoms.

    • For use with the Miele S142-S168 and S194 series.
    • Use filter with the Miele Quickstep Vacuum.
    • Retains 99.99% of particles, down to .03 micron.
    • Helps purify ambient air.
    • Tightly sealed system prevents particles from recirculating.
    • Made in Germany by Miele, a family-owned company founded in 1899.
    • Available in US only.