Mesh Tea Ball

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  • Open your world and your taste buds to a world of flavor with loose-leaf tea brewed in our convenient, versatile Mesh Tea Ball. Our tea ball lets you brew a fresh, delicious cup of tea without breaking the bank by using cost-efficient whole leaf teas that expand your options beyond bagged varieties. In addition to using our tea ball to brew delicious teas, you can also use it to infuse wine, ciders and soups with spices for convenience and flavor that keeps your taste buds singing. This handy gadget replaces tea bags with ease, leaving your loose-leaf tea exposed to the hot water for steeping and infusing flavors without adding clutter to your kitchen.


    • The fine mesh design keeps the tea leaves and spices inside the ball, leaving less sediment in your tea and making clean up a breeze
    • The integrated hook on the end of the chain allows quick, easy attachment to the side of a cup or pot
    • Durable stainless-steel construction
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