Mauviel M250 Copper Double Boiler, 0.8-Qt.

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No longer available
  • The Mauviel MPro pan features heavy-gauge 2.5mm-thick copper and is fabricated to deliver the highest level of precision and performance. This double boiler is specially designed to reach higher temperatures slowly and gently to prevent scorching delicates like chocolate or custard.

    • Saucepan: 1.2-qt. cap.; Insert: .8-qt. cap.
    • Commercial-weight heavy-gauge 2.5mm copper offers unparalleled heat conductivity and temperature control.
    • The tin-lined copper pan quickly brings water to a gentle simmer beneath the heavy porcelain insert, which maintains its contents at a steady low temperature.
    • Long riveted cast-iron handle keeps hands well away from the heat.
    • Made in France.
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