Mauviel Copper Double Boiler with Insert, 1-Qt.

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  • $325
  • Crafted in France since 1830, Mauviel’s culinary legacy spans more than 175 years, making their trademark cookware a favorite in leading restaurants and home kitchens worldwide. Mauviel cookware is made of copper, a material prized for its unsurpassed ability to transfer heat quickly, distribute it evenly and cool rapidly. Use this boiler for melting chocolate or making hollandaise sauce. The tin-lined copper pan quickly brings water to a gentle simmer beneath the heavy porcelain insert, which maintains its contents at a steady low temperature.

    • Heavy-gauge 2mm copper for superior heat conductivity and temperature control.
    • Durable tin-lined interior is nonreactive and easy to clean.
    • Heavy porcelain insert prevents scorching.
    • Riveted stainless-steel handles.