Mauviel Copper Beating Bowl

  • More than simply beautiful, copper is considered the best performing of culinary materials. Professional chefs use unlined copper bowl like this one to whip egg whites to frothy peaks. Copper is the ideal material for this task as it reacts naturally (and harmlessly) with the whites, making them more stable when beaten so they almost triple in volume.

    • Handcrafted of solid unlined copper.
    • Round-bottomed shape promotes vigorous, thorough mixing.
    • Rolled rim is reinforced for extra strength.
    • Riveted brass handle affords a good grip and doubles as a loop for hanging the bowl when it's not in use.
    • Optional chromed-iron stand (sold separately) creates a stable base for whipping ingredients from any angle.
    • Made in France by Mauviel, founded in 1830.
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