Marble-Dripped Ceramic Vase, Pomegranate, Teal

No longer available
  • This dramatic stoneware vase features an intricately layered design, inspired by the traditional marbling often found on the endpapers of antique Turkish and Italian books. Master ceramists hand-decorate the surface using a time-honored glazing technique whose organic pattern echoes the curving silhouette of the vase itself.

    • 12" diam., 13 1/2" high overall.
    • Hand-decorated using a marbling technique that allows the colors to mingle and overlap.
    • High-fired with a glossy finish.
    • Variations inherent to the marbling technique make each vase one of a kind; color saturation and pattern vary widely from piece to piece.
    • Watertight; for decorative use only.
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