Magma Hot Plate

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  • Doubling as a trivet and a hotplate, this unique microwavable stand has a ceramic core that retains and releases heat for up to one hour. A heat-resistant base makes it safe to place on the dining table or buffet.

    • Keeps dishes warm for up to one hour without electricity, batteries or flame.
    • Ready to use after just 2–3 minutes in the microwave.
    • Ideal for hot foods, coffee carafes and teapots.
    • Ceramic core retains and releases heat at the optimal temperature.
    • Encased in heat-resistant silicone and polymer, the sides and bottom stay cool.
    • Can be placed on a countertop or table without a trivet or hot pad.
    • Insulated base and sides make it safe and easy to handle.
    • Matte black finish.