Macaron Mat

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  • There is an art to making perfect Parisian-style macarons, and this mat from De Buyer is the ideal canvas. Designed for preparing up to 44 macarons per batch, it’s marked with concentric circles that guide you to piping evenly sized, centered cookies: The smaller central circles indicate placement of the piping tip, while the larger outer circles indicate the fill line for the fluffy batter. The mat’s silicone baking surface releases the macarons easily after brief cooling.

    • Reusable silicone-coated sheet developed for French patisseries.
    • Marked for easy piping of up to 44 macarons.
    • Lay it on the baking sheet for an instant nonstick baking surface; does not need to be greased.
    • Innovative nonstick silicone surface guarantees instant release and easy cleanup.
    • Doubles as an excellent surface for rolling out and baking any pastry dough.
    • Rolls up for compact storage.
    • Dishwasher safe.
    • Fits half sheet pans or larger.
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