Heirloom Tomato Collection, 4" Plant 6-Pack

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  • This six-pack of three sustainably grown classic heirloom varieties in 4" pots will supply tomatoes in a range of colors and flavors to enjoy throughout the season. Plant vining varieties at the base of a cage or trellis for support and easy harvesting.

    Early Girl: Fast-growing, early ripening red vine tomato, bursting with classic tomato flavor. Layer them in BLTs or in caprese salads with fresh mozzarella and basil.

    Green Zebra Tomatoes: Vertically striped yellow-and-green tomatoes ripen mid-season, boasting crisp, firm flesh and sweet flavor with subtle sharpness. Showcase this variety’s dramatic color and delicious flavor in salads.

    Brandywine Pink: Vining variety produce big boat-shaped fruit (up to 1 1/2 lb.), with firm, beefsteak texture and sweet-tart flavor. Great for slicing onto sandwiches and burgers. Late-season ripener.

    • Early Girl and Brandywine zones 3–9; Green Zebra zones 3–10.
    • Suitable for container or ground planting.
    • Plant May–June.
    • 3" to 4" high plants ship in 4" diam. grower’s pots.
    • Require full sun and regular watering.
    • Six plants, two of each variety.
    • Sustainably grown in USA.
    • Agricultural regulations prohibit shipment to AK, HI, ME, MT and PR.