Littledeer Wok Paddle

  • This handcrafted wok paddle is the creation of Tom Littledeer, an inventor and master woodworker whose efficient kitchen tools echo the simple, graceful shapes of his world-renowned canoe paddles. The clever paddle is the ultimate tool for stir-frying. It's custom-shaped for stir-frying ingredients in your wok, then serving the finished dish.

    • Ultra-efficient wok paddle offered in two different designs for right- or left-handed users.
    • Handcrafted from solid North American maple, a durable hardwood that's ideal for culinary use.
    • Long handle keeps your hand safely away from the sizzle.
    • Straight front edge keeps the bottom of the wok well-stirred.
    • Streamlined silhouette complements the interior contours of your wok.
    • Meticulously shaped and sanded for a perfectly smooth finish.
    • Safe for use with nonstick finishes, glass and porcelain.
    • Made in Canada.
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