Lifestyle Crafts Shape & Tape Pack, Black & Red

Lifestyle Crafts Shape & Tape Pack

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  • These adhesive-backed sheets are easy to shape into customized labels, gift tags or markers. Simply use scissors to cut them for a free-hand design or follow a die-cut pattern using our Lifestyle Crafts Rolling Machine.

    • Adhesive sheets may be hand cut in shapes or die cut into customized stickers and patterns with the Lifestyle Crafts Rolling Machine (sold separately).
    • Adhesive adheres to many surfaces.
    • Shape & Tape Sheets, Set of 6: Includes 1 solid black, 1 striped black, 1 dotted black, 1 solid red, 1 striped red and 1dotted red. Perfect for adding a pop of color or pattern to your homemade creations.
    • Cork Sheets, Set of 12: Use these sheets of real cork to add texture and an organic feel to your homemade creations.
    • Double-Sided Adhesive Sheets, Set of 12: Use our adhesive sheets like double-sided tape to create adhesive backed labels and markers.
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