Zürsun Lebanese Couscous

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  • Good for the earth and good for you, this wheat used to make this couscous is grown from heirloom seeds that promote agricultural diversity as well as authentic flavor. Grown, milled and rolled in Lebanon, the couscous offers authentic nutty flavor and creamy texture – just right for soups, stews and side dishes.

    • Also known as moghrabieh, Lebanese couscous is a large, irregular-shaped pearl pasta made from semolina flour.
    • This nutritious grain is exceptionally versatile and flavorful.
    • It pairs well with a wide variety of flavors, and is ideal in soups and stews, or on its own as a simple side dish.
    • The wheat is sustainably grown on Lebanese farms.
    • These botanical heirlooms are a part of living history, supporting centuries-old plant varieties and preserving the genetic diversity of our food supply.
    • Produced by Zürsun, a second-generation family-owned company and one of America’s oldest suppliers of heirloom beans.
    • Recipe included.
    • 1 lb. 8 oz.
    • Product of Lebanon.
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