Kyocera Revolution Ceramic Professional Chef's Knife

  • $69.95
  • Made in Japan of an advanced ceramic, the blade of this full-sized chef’s knife holds its exceptionally sharp edge up to ten times longer than steel and won’t react with foods. The knife’s remarkably lightweight, ergonomic design reduces fatigue during repetitive chopping, mincing and dicing. Its long 7” blade makes it a versatile performer for larger cutting tasks.

    • Blade is made from zirconium oxide, a state-of-the-art ceramic that holds a razor-sharp edge far longer than traditional steel.
    • Cuts through fresh produce and boneless meats with remarkable ease and precision.
    • Weighing less than a comparable steel knife, this ceramic knife is very nimble and easy to maneuver.
    • Nonreactive blade won't discolor foods or affect flavors.
    • Resin handle is contoured for a comfortable grip.
    • 7” blade.
    • Made in China (blade manufactured in Japan).