Flavored Kombucha Brooklyn Kit

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  • Brew your own kombucha, an ancient fermented tea-based drink prepared with a culture known as SCOBY (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast) that delivers a potent dose of probiotics and other healthful nutrients. This energizing, detoxifying beverage is easy to make at home with our kit from the experts at Kombucha Brooklyn. Our kit is the first ever for making flavored kombucha and includes equipment and ingredients for brewing three batches with mango flavoring.

    • Kit contains everything you need to brew three 1-gal. batches: proprietary tea blend, sugar, SCOBY, liquid starter, glass jar with cover and thermometer.
    • Kombucha Brooklyn's pristinely propagated SCOBY forms a new SCOBY each time you brew; use the original SCOBY to start new batches or share with another do-it-yourselfer.
    • SCOBY comes with mother liquid starter for your first batch; use the new SCOBY and liquid from your first batch to make future batches.
    • Includes reusable USDA-certified 1-gal. glass fermenting jar with organic cotton cover.
    • Temperature indicator strip ensures the ideal brewing environment.