Kombucha Brewing Goodies, Set of 6

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  • Our natural freeze-dried fruit lets you customize the flavor of your homemade kombucha to create blueberry-ginger, mango or raspberry variations on the classic fermented tea drink. The all-natural ingredients contain no added sugar. Whichever flavor you pick, you'll enjoy pure, naturally sweet flavor—plus kombucha’s probiotics and other healthful nutrients.

    • All natural freeze-dried fruit, with no additional sweeteners.
    • Simply pour into a 32-oz. bottle, top with fermented kombucha, seal and set aside for up to 7 days to effervesce and flavor your brew.
    • Pair with our kombucha home-brewing kit.
    • Choose from blueberry-ginger, mango or raspberry.
    • Set of 6 packets (1.12–1.85 oz. per packet), enough to flavor six 32-oz. bottles of kombucha.
    • Made in USA.
    • A Williams-Sonoma exclusive.
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