KitchenIQ Diamond Pro 2 Stage Knife & Scissors Sharpener

  • $14.95
    • Online Only
  • This handheld sharpener works for a full range of cutlery including European and American straight-edge knives, serrated knives and kitchen shears. It offers two stages of sharpening – coarse and fine – plus a scissors sharpener that sharpens both right- and left-handed scissors.

    • Coarse slot with preset diamond rods (35 degrees combined angles) quickly sharpens European and American straight-edge knives.
    • Fine slot with triangular ceramic stones (37 degrees combined) for finishing edges and for everyday honing; also ideal for sharpening serrated knives.
    • Patented scissors sharpener with floating ceramic rods works for both right- and left-handed scissors.
    • Soft-touch handle.
    • Nonslip bottom for stability when sharpening.