KitchenIQ Ceramic Edge Gourmet Electric Knife Sharpener

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No longer available
  • Designed to provide precision sharpening for top-quality knives, this well-priced compact tool combines electric and manual sharpening for efficient, accurate results every time. Three slots – two ceramic and one carbide – set straight-edge and serrated blades to premium sharpness.

    • Electric slot features two extra-fine interlocking ceramic wheels that sharpen both sides of a straight-edge blade simultaneously.
    • The ceramic wheels remove a minimal amount of metal, which prolongs the life of your knives and allows you to use the electric slot for quick touch-ups.
    • Also includes two manual slots: one with carbide blades for setting an initial edge on damaged or dull knives; one with ceramic stones for sharpening serrated blades or finishing straight edges.
    • Nonslip rubber feet.
    • Clean-out slot underneath.
    • Includes a cleaning brush for ceramic wheels.
    • Ceramic wheels are replaceable.
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