Garden in the Koop Herb Garden Kit

No longer available
  • Starting an herb garden is simple with this seedling kit for six culinary favorites. The six-cell egg carton contains everything you need. Simply add water to the coir-fiber pods to create nutrient-rich starting mix, and use it to fill the egg-carton cells. Then sow your seeds, follow the growing instructions and watch them sprout. When the seedlings are ready to transplant, tear the carton into separate cells and insert them right into your garden soil, raised bed or planter. The paper will decompose and act as compost. Use your garden-fresh herbs in sauces, pestos, marinades and salad dressings and use to flavor grilled and roasted meats and seafood.

    • Includes six packets of heirloom seed varieties carefully selected for flavor and hardiness: basil Genovese, chives, flat-leaf parsley, oregano, thyme and sweet marjoram.
    • A great way for kids and novice gardeners to experience gardening from seed to table.
    • Starter soil discs are made from coir (coconut husks), a renewable resource.
    • Includes six wood plant markers for labeling your seedlings.
    • Complete growing and transplanting instructions included.
    • 100% biodegradable and compostable.
    • Herbicide and pesticide free.
    • Can be grown indoors or outdoors; ideal for garden, planters and containers.
    • Appropriate for all growing zones.
    • Seeds require full to partial sun.
    • Hand-selected and packaged by Garden In the Koop, a North Carolina–based company dedicated to the preservation of heirloom seeds and sustainable garden products.

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