Imperia Pasta Machine Attachments

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  • Expand the versatility of your Imperia Pasta Machine with these optional attachments for making six traditional shapes, from ultrathin angel’s hair pasta to plump filled ravioli. Made in Italy of chromed-steel or chromed-steel with wood roller, the cutters easily attach to the machine and operate via the standard crank handle. Attachments are:

    • Angel Hair (Capelli d’Angelo): Cuts rolled dough sheets into long, thin strands only 1/16" wide.
    • Mille Gnocchi: creates wide-ridged cavatelli, narrow-ridged gnocchetti sardi and long-ridged Rigatelli.
    • Lasagnette: Cuts rolled dough into 1/2"-wide flat ribbons with straight edges.
    • Pappardelle: Cuts rolled dough into broad, 1 1/4"-wide flat noodles with straight edges.
    • Reginette: Creates a 1 3/4"-wide noodle with ruffled edges.
    • Ravioli: Rolls, stuffs and crimps dough to make pillow-like ravioli, three to a row, each 1 1/4" sq.