Stainless-Steel Cocktail Shaker, 8 oz.

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  • Mix things up with our mini cocktail shakers, perfect for pouring a single-serving drink or creating a custom-cocktail bar for a party. A fun addition to the home bar, they’re also perfect as hostess favors, stocking stuffers or garnishes for bar-themed gifts. Crafted to the same quality as our full-size version, they boast the classic look of stainless steel, watertight lids, smooth pouring spouts and a splash of intoxicating charm.

    • Watertight to ensure confident cocktail shaking.
    • Cap measures a 1/2-oz. (half-shot) pour.
    • Compact size is perfect for custom cocktails and fun gifts.
    • Made of polished stainless steel.
    • Dishwasher safe.