Round Herb Planter Casting Kit

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  • Grow fresh herbs in a planter you’ve made yourself with our DIY kit. Made from a unique eco-friendly concrete composed of recycled materials and pinecones, the finished product provides a durable, lightweight, breathable container for your plants.

    • Makes one round 7 3/4" diam., 4"-high planter.
    • Kit provides everything you need, including Eco-concrete, mold, certified organic potting soil and seed packets for basil, thyme and oregano.
    • Eco-concrete is composed of BPA-free locally sourced, recycled concrete, sand, lime, pinecones and recycled plastic.
    • Pourous composition of finished planter allows air and moisture to circulate within the root structure, keeping plants healthy.
    • With time, the planter will weather and age with a beautiful finish much like classic concrete urns.
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