Harvest Song Preserves Apricot Preserve

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  • Armenia’s fertile land and pure spring water have produced incredibly succulent fruits used in delicious preserves for centuries—and all made by hand. Harvest Song’s cannery adheres to this long-standing tradition. The apricots, as with all of Armenia’s fruits, are sun ripened, handpicked and prepared for preserving.  

    • 100% natural ingredients; contains no pectin, preservatives or artificial coloring.
    • Small batches are cooked in steam kettles, according to time-honored recipes.
    • A distinctive chunky texture and full apricot flavor taste.
    • Vacuum-sealed glass containers preserve the fruit’s fresh taste and nutritional value.
    • Pairs well with warm Tuscan bread as well as cheeses, such as Parmigiano-Reggiano.
    • Also ideal for baking or cooking.
    • The glass jar’s lid is wrapped with handmade rice paper from Kathmandu, Nepal.
    • 10.2-oz jar.
    • Made in Armenia.
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