Happy Cat Farm Heirloom Tomatoes Seed Collection

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  • Our custom heirloom seed assortment includes individual packets for six different sustainable tomato varieties, hand selected to give you a range of fresh flavors and rich colors. Plant in the garden, raised beds or planters and enjoy juicy, vine-ripened tomatoes in salads and for cooking. After your harvest, use the tin to save your seeds for next year's crop.

    • Black Zebra: Striped medium-sized tomatoes with a sweet, rich, smoky flavor. Slice over fresh mozzarella.
    • Garden Peach: Juicy yellow-pink tomatoes with a sweet, floral flavor. Pairs well with most pasta dishes.
    • Tim's Black Ruffle: A cross of Zapotec and Black Krim tomatoes with a dark-red/purple color. A great addition to tomato sauce.
    • Matt's Wild Cherry: A Mexican wild cherry variety with sweet, fruity flavor. Ideal on a cheese plate.
    • Jaune Flamme: French tomatoes with a vibrant orange color & robust flavor. Delicious in soup.
    • Amish Salad: Extra-sweet, reddish-pink cherry tomatoes approx. 1 1/2" diam. Use in salads or eat fresh by the handful.
    • 60–80 days to harvest from transplant.
    • Requires full sun.
    • Ideal for raised beds or planters. Min. container depth 12".
    • Pesticide-free.
    • Set of six packets, approx. 20 sustainable seeds per packet.
    • Grown in USA.
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