Hand-Thrown Fermentation Pot

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  • This hand-crafted stoneware pot is uniquely designed to encourage the fermentation of fresh fruits and vegetables. Use it to transform cabbage into sauerkraut, to pickle vegetables and to cure olives. The process is simple: Place salted vegetables in the crock, fill with water, then cover with the pot’s heavy lid to keep vegetables submerged and encourage lacto-fermentation.

    • 1-gallon stoneware pot is hand-thrown, then fired at high heat for durability.
    • Design promotes lacto-fermentation, which converts carbohydrates into lactic acid, lowering the carbohydrate content of fruits and vegetables and adding enzymes, nutrients and probiotics for healthy digestion.
    • Vegetables begin to ferment within days; if the pot is stored in a cool, dark place, pickled vegetables will keep for months.
    • Made in USA.
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