Grape Vines

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  • Cover an arbor with a leafy grapevine and enjoy an abundant late-summer harvest of fruit. Serve fresh-picked grapes with a cheese platter, add them to fruit salads, preserve them into sweet jam or use them to make your own juices and wine.

    Mars: A large, seedless, deep-blue grape with classic flavor, similar to the Concord—perfect for making jelly or juice as well as just eating fresh. This vine is a dependable producer. Fruits in mid-September.

    Fredonia: A vigorous grower that requires relatively little pruning. The large, juicy, seeded, blue-black fruit has a delicious spicy flavor that adds rich dimension to jam, juice or wine. Fruits in late August to mid-September.

    Reliance: A high sugar content gives this seedless red grape its sweet, mild flavor and makes it a wonderful addition to fruit salads, jellies and juice. Fruits in late July to late August.

    • Mars and Reliance: Zones 5–8; Fredonia: Zones 4–9.
    • Grows 8'–10' high and wide.
    • Suitable for container or ground planting.
    • Requires full sun.
    • Yields approx. 10–15 lb. of fruit at maturity (3 to 5 years).
    • Grown on a farm in Tennessee.
    • Agricultural regulations prohibit shipment to AZ, CA, OR, WA, Puerto Rico and Hawaii.