Williams-Sonoma Extra-Fine French Grey Sea Salt

No longer available
  • Known in France as sel gris (grey salt), this rich, bold sea salt derives its distinctive grey color from the natural clays at the bottom of salt ponds off the French Atlantic coast. The pure sea salt is hand-harvested using centuries-old Celtic techniques, then naturally dried by the heat of the sun.

    • Prized for its moist, delicate crystals and rich ocean flavor, this versatile finishing salt is traditionally used in French, Spanish and Italian cuisines.
    • Its bold, briny taste allows this unrefined sea salt to stand up to richly flavored foods – from beef, lamb and poultry to artisan cheeses.
    • The salt crystals are finely ground to melt quickly and uniformly.
    • This premium, all-natural spice is sourced from France by a family-owned artisanal spice company in Northern California's Napa Valley.
    • 3.1 oz.
    • Made in France.
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